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DDL Script provides a simple and easy to use ledger for recording any alterations your team makes.

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What is DDL Script?

We help keep a ledger of the past, in order to maintain the integrity of the future.

DDL Script is a tool used to provide a ledger of amendments being applied to your database schema, just as you would use GIT or another Source Control tool to manage changes in a code repository.



Every alteration and refactor gets stored within your project exactly as you prepared them. You can even prepare and commit commands for a later release.


Set up a review process to ensure every change is checked and acceptable to be merged.


Once merged into the mainline, commands cannot be re-orgainzed or altered, meaning each command is executed in the same order every time.


Go back and execute every alteration, step-by-step. Allowing you to recreate an instance, of your database, from any point in time.

Do you know what has been changed in your schema?

Are you able to recall who made those changes and when? What about those changes that were made years ago?

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